It Was When It Was When It Was (2018)



"These are not only poems of seductive and succulent detail. As Julie Sampson makes clear early in the collection, her project is to show the fruits of being fully in the present in our lives,  in our family stories".  Alasdair Paterson



Tessitura (2013)


 'A true wordsmith, she uses language to weave complex patterns that resonate with implicit meanings, haunting and strange ... In Sampson's poems, lives cross, weave between each other like a web or a cat's cradle; there is a potent awareness of layers of time, sometimes running parallel, sometimes touching.'  

    Miriam Hastings, in review of Tessitura .



'Tessitura has a message and, setting aside some integral delightful and intelligent writing, this is one very good reason for reading it ... Sampson is clearly interested in the direction some other poets are also now exploring - replacing the finite, 'realised' individual poem with work more fluid and multiple-stranded (or layered) in subject matter, often evincing fascination with language 'for its own sake' as opposed to more tightly organised rhetorical construction.'

        Dilys Wood, in Artemis Poetry, Issue 13, November 2014  (Second Light)