January 2018

A poem I wrote after re-discovering an old childhood photo, which I titled 'Flash', has just been published on the online poetry website, Molly BloomThanks so much to editor Aidan Semmens for accepting my work. 

Landscape near the wood henge just west of Bow in mid Devon/ photo Julie Sampson
Landscape near the wood henge just west of Bow in mid Devon/ photo Julie Sampson

I'm thrilled to have three of my poems accepted by Sarah Law, editor of the exciting new online poetry website Amethyst Review; in which you will find 'New writing Engaging with the Sacred'.

 Grove is one of a sequence of poems I'm writing at the moment inspired by the midDevon landscape where I grew up and in particular the area's links with what historians are now calling Devon's 'Sacred Grove'. There are a number of books and websites which discuss this; I found Roger Deakn's Wildwood especially thought provoking, after reading the chapter about the discovery of the local wood henge (See Wildwood).

I've recently heard that my poetry pamphlet/short collection titled

It was when it was when it was,

has been accepted by Dempsey and Windle for publication some time in spring 2018. Editor Janice Windle has helped to design a wonderfully evocative cover. 

More to come ...

December 2017

A poem I've recently written which comes from a sequence I'm working on about memory and the landscape of my childhood, titled 'Remembering that Late Summer-Day' was accepted by Abegail Morley and published on  The Poetry Shed a wonderful poetry blog/webzine where she generously showcases other poets' work. Am honoured to have work featured here.

Delighted to have two poems included in November's issue of The Lake. Thanks to the editor, John Murphy.

November 2017

The Peeking Cat Anthology was recently launched. Thanks so much to its editor, Sam Rose, for including my poem and giving her contributors the opportunity to talk about their work. The Facebook Launch was fun.















Cover of Peeking Cat Anthology 2017

October 2017

Having just returned from a few days on Dartmoor and missing my home county, it was so welcoming to find the new issue of Dawntreader, 040, on the doorstep, from its Devon based publishers, pleading to be opened.  A rich selection of poems to be dipped into, many of which will take me back to countryside's treats, from, in DT's editor's words, 'the autumnal forest'. I'm thrilled that one of my own poems jostles amongst them. 'When we walk', followed a mid Devon walk earlier in the year mulling over the locality's landscape's mysterious past. 

Thank-you so much to Dawntreader's Editor, Dawn Bauling. 

September 2017

I was thrilled to have a poem selected by Rosie Jackson for the Poetry Space Autumn Showcase, 2017. The poem is 'Lost in Galloway'.

Rose commented:

'Human presence is almost irrelevant in this lyrical evocation of a world of geese, squirrels, kites, does, natural beauty. That the poet literally takes bearings from them and not from any map is an original touch, leading to the brilliant seemingly casual throw-away last line. And I loved the memorable ‘wheeling black scripts left by Barnacle geese scrolling their skies.’  

     That poem happened during a trip to Galloway, sparked by a conjunction of splendiferous scenery and the freeing message of Rebecca Solnit's FieldGuide to Getting Lost, (which I'd read on the train).

Thanks so much to Rosie and Sue Sims, Editor of Poetry Space

Allegro Poetry Magazine accepted two poems; they appeared in Issue 14, September 2017. They are 'Mrs Danton's Corner Garden' and 'Just the Way Things Are'. 'Just the Way Things Are' was written after a visit to the location of author E.M. Delafield's once home, 'Croyle, near Kentisbeare, in Devon.


Thanks so much to Allegro's Editor, Sally Long.





June/July 2017

Thanks so much to  the editors of Algebra of Owls for accepting one of my poems

'It was when it was when it was'. It appeared online at Algebra of Owls.


The poem appeared following a visit back to a once upon time  home, at Cheldon, in Devon.


Thanks so much Algebra of Owls editors. 

At Cheldon, in mid Devon.












Photo Julie Sampson

June 2017

Thanks to the editors of Message in a Bottle, who included 'Chill' in their recent online edition. See at Message in a Bottle.

A slightly different version of the poem first appeared on GreatWorksOnline

Another Online Poem appeared on the webzine Ink Sweat & Tears.

This one is titled 'As we climbed the slope'. See at Ink Sweat & Tears. The poem began after a trip down in Devon in early spring looking for graves and memorials of ancestors,  with a serendipitious discovery of  a cluster of graves of direct great great great grandparents. (Any avid genealogist reading this may be interested in Finding Sites the Older Ways, my inter-related family history blog).


Thank-you so much to Helen Ivory, Editor of Ink Sweat & Tears.

Path up to Okehampton Church.











Photo Julie Sampson

Blog in May

See a new piece on the blog Women Writing on the Devon Landscape 

I ... up in Ilfracombe 

April 2017

In the spring of 1916 the poet H.D. stayed in north Devon for several months. Her collection Sea Garden was published whilst she was in the county. I wrote a short celebratory sequence called South West's Sea-Thyme, which appears in the latest issue of Shearsman 111/112








Two poems, 'I have Forgotten' and 'Homage' appear in the latest issue of The Dawntreader (038).


Thanks so much to Dawn Bauling, Editor of The Dawntreader

                         Charles Lugg's Cystal-Tree,1769 appears in The Journal#50

Thanks very much to Sam Smith, editor of The Journal.






A couple of poems titled Room and Evensong  are included in the unique little journal of the short poem, Noon 13


I'm very grateful to Philip Rowland, Editor of Noon, for accepting my work.

January 2017

Do have a look at Down the Devon roads to Dunkeswell a blog piece about women writers with Devon links.

At Dunkeswell Abbey
At Dunkeswell Abbey

If you have come upon my occasional blog, Scrapblog a Writer from the South-West you might like to hop over to my new one, Writing Women on the Devon Land.

A New Devon Book Finds a Way
A New Devon Book Finds a Way

July 2016

A  poem titled Caernarfon has been published in Poetry Space Summer Showcase 

with lovely comments by Guest Editor, Susan Castillo Street:

 This poem evokes remembered love so well.  I particularly liked the short lines and Laurentian rhythms, which convey physical urgency, and the images of exploding fireworks and rainbow colours (rockets, Catherine-wheels) which evoke bedazzlement.  Sexy and tender'.

Thanks very much Susan and to Sue Sims, of Poetry Space.

June 2016

Am delighted that a selection of my work is published in Sarasvati, 41.  Available from Indigo Dreams


I very much appreciate and thank Ronnie Goodyear and Dawn Bauling for accepting my work.

March 2016

Poem Centenary published in Lost Things; A collection of poems from all over the world edited by Emma Kendall Lea, Reading Room Cafe Project Publishing.

The poem Isis is a Stone is included in latest March issue of The Dawntreader (Indigo Dreams Publishing). 

Pleased to have two poems Julia's Seascape and Sixty-Five selected by Editor Susan Sims, published in the Spring edition of Poetry Space The editor commented that:


In Julia’s Seascape, the poet explores her loss of self with a light touch ,,,  and finally to end with, a poem that delights both in the magic of words and celebrates a coming of age. (Sixty Five)


Thanks so much Sue. 

February; Devon; Celebration; 10 Women Writers and Devon

See Scrapblog a Writer from the South-West,  for a new blog piece celebrating 10 Devon linked women writers. 

Photo: Old School House, Martinhoe, where H.D. stayed in early 1916.

January 2016

The poem 'Lilies' appears in the new edition of the The Lake contemporary poetry webzine.

December 2015

 My poem 'Somewhere' is included in the new poetry collection, Fanfare, (Second Light Publications, 2015, eds. Wendy French and Dilys Wood). The book can be obtained at the Second Light shop.  

October 2015

See a new blog piece, about E.M.Delafield's early novels, which were written in Exeter  -

Delafield's Devon Double-Scapes






Northernhay Gardens, Exeter, where Delafield wrote her first novels.

September 2015

I'm thrilled to find that my non-fiction manuscript Voices from the Wildridge; Women Writers in the Devon Landscape has been shortlisted for Impress Prize for New Writers.

August 2015

I'm very pleased that Wendy French and Dilys Wood, editors of the forthcoming poetry collection Fanfare (Second Light publications) have selected my poem 'Somewhere' for inclusion in the book.

July 2015

Tacchi Morris -The Page is Printed 2015 Winners


I was delighted that my poem 'Incipient  (for Jamie)' won 3rd Prize. Another poem 'Mother's Mirrors',  was commended. 







Photo: Julie Sampson reading poem 'Incipient', at Tacchi-Morris, Taunton.

June 2015

I'm so pleased that Guest Editor of Poetry Space Summer Showcase, 2015, Mandy Pannett, selected one of my poems to appear in the issue. 'Return to Cheldon' was first drafted after I returned to that church following a gap of many years. Mandy commented: 


‘Return to Cheldon’ is a lyrical and imagist poem, beautifully crafted in sound and structure. This was on my list of choices from the beginning ...'





Photo of Cheldon Church, Devon, taken during 1960s.

May 2015

Erbacce press selected a cluster of poems for their long-short-list 2015. 

April 2015

The poem For those who say there are no more poems, is published online by Agenda poetry.

March 2015

Two poems,  Room for Folk and I can hear paper ripping, are published by The Lake poetry online.

Autumn 2014 

January - February 2014

Julie Sampson reading poetry at book launch.
Julie Sampson reading from 'Tessitura' at book launch.

Since the publication of my poetry collection Tessitura by Shearsman Books I have enjoyed a successful book launch at The Creative Innovation Centre in Taunton. Friends and family came along, braved the seasonal weather, chatted, skimmed the book, sipped a glass of wine and listened to me reading. 






Book launch of 'Tessitura'.
At the book launch of 'Tessitura'.
photo kindly contributed by Chrissy Banks
SPACE student Amber Golding provides a musical background

I was asked by two radio stations to come in and have a quick chat about my book and research into Devon's women writers. One was with Darren Daley from Tone FM-listen here, community radio in Taunton.


Then, on 28th January Luch Caise-Dearg of Exeter's Phonic FM asked me to contribute to the morning programme  Mighty Book and then the following week to   Classical Journey. I was able to read work from my book and discuss some of my research with Luch; link below.


Between these two events I shared the Guest Poet Spot at Uncut Poets, Phoenix Arts Centre in Exeter with Alwyn Marriage. 


Exeter University Alumni did a little write-up about my work in their current newsletter.


So, all in all, a busy, noisy month for a normally retreating writerly poet

Interview with PhonicFM 25th January 2014.
I was asked to talk about my book with the presenters of The Mighty Book. The talk is about half way along the mp3.
2014-01-28 11-00-00.mp3
MP3 Audio File 54.9 MB
Interview with PhonicFM 4th Feb.2014
I was asked to talk about my research with Luch Caise-Gearg, presenter of Classical Journey. I also read some poems. The reading and chat is about half-way on this mp3.
2014-02-04 11-00-01.mp3
MP3 Audio File 54.9 MB
Poetry reading by Julie Sampson, at Uncut Poets, Exeter.
Julie Sampson reading at Uncut Poets, Exeter.

December 2013


The University of Exeter included a piece - 'Lost female writers inspire poetry collection' - about Tessitura, in Alumni News  - 


Autumn 2013

Cover of 'Tessitura', Julie Sampson's poetry collection.
Front cover of Julie Sampson's collection 'Tessitura'.








My poetry collection Tessitura was published by Shearsman Books, in October 2013.